With case / care management, we look after your employees who are unable to work because of
 illness or accident, with the aim of permanently reintegrating them into work and prevent them from becoming disabled. We take over coordination tasks between the patient, employer, insurance and authorities involved and help with reintegration. With us the optimal treatment (care) and support of the person concerned is guaranteed.

Your advantages

·         Reduction of absence costs and increased chances of success due to earlier return to work  

·         Safeguarding of valuable know-how 

·         Faster reintegration of long-term sick people and thus avoidance of disability and the

   associated reduction in the burden on your pension fund

·         Preservation of working capacity or residual working capacity 

Our services

·         Early detection of recurring individual absences 

·         Individual support in case of illness (case management) 

·         Individual counseling of the sick person and managers

·         Coordination with daily sickness benefits insurance, disability insurance (IV) and accident

  insurance (SUVA)

·         Advice on labor law and social insurance law