We relieve you exactly where it makes sense and offer support to bridge capacity bottlenecks and ensure professional competence. You can outsource certain HR activities to us and, as an HR manager concentrate on your core business. As the owner of a small company, you can bring in specialist knowledge in the HR area and have the certainty that the HR-relevant tasks are performed competently and in compliance with the legal requirements.  

Or you may decide to outsource certain activities completely. As a small company where everything comes from a single source, we have specialized on small and medium-sized companies and, in contrast to the large HR service centers, we take a very individual, flexible and tailor-made approach. We offer a high quality standard, which is highly appreciated by our long-term customers. But it also worthwhile for larger companies to test some of our services, if you consider the quality of the work more important than the price.

Possibilities for outsorcing are

·         Personnel selection

·         Hiring of staff

·         Termination of employment

·         Collaboration in projects

·         Employment law clarifications