For companies we offer with Mini Outplacement an instrument, in order to handle necessary separations of employees fairly and without image loss. In addition it helps those affected to make a new start easier. The termination of an employment relationship is a major personal blow for most of those affected and goes hand in hand with a difficult process of coping. Responsible employers therefore do not abandon their employees to their fate after the termination, but proactively take on social responsibility.

We help those affected to overcome ambiguities, uncertainties and motivational difficulties during the application process. Further issues we can address: 

·         Dismissal and the feelings associated with it 

·         Lack of self-confidence or dissatisfaction in the current job 

.     What search channels will I use to find a new job? 

·         Which jobs should/could I apply for? 

·         How do I deal with rejections? 

The application coaching has the following goals

·         Gain self-confidence in the application process through professional, complete application


·         A sense of achievement, as you will be invited to interviews 

·         Self-confident appearance in the interview 

·         Shortening of the job search 

·         Learning experiences with rejections 

·         Implementing necessary layoffs of employees fairly and without loss of image 

Possible procedure of application coaching 

·         Reflection of your experiences, resources and key qualifications 

·          Define individually suitable application strategies (search channels, networks, 

  communication channels)          

·         Evaluate previous procedure 

·         Create or revise curriculum vitae and formulate any gaps in the resume in a positive way

·         Write a letter of application for a specific job or for a spontaneous application 

·         Review and optimize the application file 

·         Prepare and train for job interviews 

·         Strengthening self-esteem in the long term 

·         Reflecting on rejections, because failures are milestones on the way to success

·         Search for a job in print media, job exchanges, industry and specialist portals, on the Internet,   in social media and with the help of your personal network 

Of course, we also offer all these services individually.