Our social security system is becoming increasingly complex and confusing. It is becoming more and more difficult for laypersons to keep track. Dealing with the insurance companies is often perceived as a great burden, especially when one is already struggling with health or private problems. This does not have to be!

We provide you with clarity about your insurance situation, so that in the event of a claim you can concentrate on your health and private situation. In addition, we take over the administrative
processing of benefits for you. If you have any questions regarding AHV, IV, ALV, UVG or
BVG, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our further range of services also includes:

  • Clarifications in connection with benefit issues, e.g. IV, UVG, pension fund 
  • Processing of claims for benefits, e.g. registration with IV, AHV
  • Individual advice and general questions on social insurance, e.g. early retirement, home    ownership, new phase in life
  • Preparation of interviews and case management meetings with authorities, insurance companies and employers